Today I got some more errands ran because I needed to get them done…. I got some more laundry done today and I have more housework to do tomorrow…. I am getting my stuff for my kitchen tomorrow evening from Tammy (Bobby’s cousin) and I can’t wait…. I have some deep cleaning to do this month and I can’t wait for Bobby to get his building put up so I can have my house back and my porches back because I have some decorating ideas for this house especially if we are going to live here for a long time…. I have more laundry to do tomorrow…. It seems like that all I ever get done is running errands and cleaning the house…. I literally have no social life because I stay so busy anymore…. I wish that I could see my best friend Sarah but she works all the time…. Tomorrow I have to get the desktop computer set back up in my bedroom and get my bedroom rearranged again to get the computer desk to the other side of the bedroom and set up a table for my printer…. Then when Bobby gets home tomorrow evening the house will be cleaned and the desk top ready to go…. We have to buy two cords for the Kodak printer then it will be ready to use…. 

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