Yesterday instead of going to Jackson County we went on a little fishing adventure and I got some pictures…. I only caught one fish and it was a baby flathead catfish…. Maybe next time we will do better especially if the water is not muddy and the river is not so high…. The rain here in WV has been has been ridiculous and has ruined fishing for people…. I might try fishing at Fitzpatrick later today…. I need to do something because it can become boring here at the house…. Tomorrow it is back to reality and Bobby has tomorrow off…. I have laundry to fold tomorrow and I have housework to do tomorrow…. My sister and my nieces and nephews came to see me earlier today and I was actually happy to see them…. Today has been another one of those days to where I only wanted to go fishing because it helps keep me calm…. Bobby said something about taking me fishing down Route 3 tomorrow so we can catch all of the fish that we want…. Next year me and Bobby have big plans with going on adventures…. We are going to go camping and I can’t wait to go fishing and camping next year…. There is still a little bit of time left this year to fish but no more camping in a tent this year…. That means that we can get a tent on sale and other camping gear on sale…. I have start getting ready to decorate for Halloween then Thanksgiving, and then for Christmas…. I just finished folding two loads of laundry and I still have more laundry to fold tomorrow…. I am definitely going fishing tomorrow with Bobby and it is going to be fun…. I have so much work to do just to get my house back in order and it is going to be amazing once I am done with all of this cleaning and reorganizing…. 

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