Deja Vu… is it 2012 again?

Wellllll once again we are dealing with my loser sister in law using drugs. There was a big blowout on Christmas. That day is my husbands birthday and also our niece (her daughter’s birthday) she told my husband to f-off and hung up on him ON HIS BIRTHDAY. All because Christmas was being held at my mother in law’s house and they didn’t want her loser boyfriend at their house because he was talking crap about me and my mother in law’s husband. I was so angry that I called social services in her and reported her for everything I had on her and they finally did something about it (I tried to report her a month or two before). So NOW we are probably going to go to court because she refused to sign a DOPA. Still waiting to see what the social worker says, I have not heard from him since last week. In the meantime my loser sister in law is sending nasty messages to get daughter. That’s the only person she can contact because the rest of us have blocked her. My sister in law has never been clean, if she is not using meth she is popping pills. Because she was so nasty last night yet again I called HRA housing on her and turned her in for a felon living with her, having more animals than she should at her apartment and let them know her daughter is not with her since Christmas and that social services IS involved because drugs are also involved. She wants to mess with the bull she is gonna get the horns.

also this is the second time her daughter was taken away, we delt with this back in 2012

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January 8, 2020

Ow. Sorry all of this happened… but good move on your part. Enough’s enough, with some people, and you don’t have to put up with their crap.