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Things are finally back to normal again after 3 weeks of my husband’s grandma living with us. Yesterday we brought her to the assisted living home and it was really nice and a little weird. Today is kind of weird too but starting to feel more normal again, I have a million and one things to do (Spring cleaning time of year) However yesterday we went to visit Grandma at the place and I get a call from my mom… I ignore the first one and decide I will call her later but about 5-10 minutes later she calls again so I figure something must be up. I answer and she tells me that my Grandpa is in the hospital. I am EXTREMELY close to my Grandparents on my mothers side, I am my Grandpa’s girl and when my husband and I renewed our vows (12 years to the day) HE was the one who walked my down the aisle. So needless to say yesterday started off great but ended horribly. He was having chest and jaw pain so they will run tests today and he may have to stay till Friday. That hospital SUCKS though so they better take good care of him!

I did start working out again after 3 weeks… I was doing Insanity and had to stop while my husband’s grandma was here (she was a fall risk so I had to be aware at all times) and I started it up again and I started running on my Treadmill too so that felt GREAT! It’s tough getting back into Insanity when you have not done it in that long and you try and pickup where you left off. I want to try and do what I can before we go on Vacation though… feeling gross and I know I won’t be where I will want to be (I don’t think we ever really are) but hopefully I will look better than I do now 🙂


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April 19, 2018

I’m sorry about your grandfather. I hope the hospital staff can figure things out quickly so that he can go home.