A work in progress

The writing that opened up the flood gates.


Some walls built
never meant to fall
standing against
the force of
a thousand storms

Tattered and always
around a heart
so fragile and frayed

The heart that
stared at the sky
as the rains
rose around it

The heart that was
before so strong
heart been beaten
torn open and left wall-less
vulnerable to the elements

Some walls built
never managing to fall
standing up to
a thousand guns

Piercing through the
veil thinly held up
as the world threw
all it ever had
to knock it over
legs shaking
with the wind
scarred by the wood
by the leather
broken by hands,
left fighting to stand
against the cruelty and anger

Some walls beaten down
Where they stood once
no longer able to
stand in the face
of one promise
to protect it
at all costs

Red flag warnings
as far as
any eye could see
except for mine
as I closed them
tightly to believe

The sounds of the steps
into my life rung out
and I heard nothing more
opening the door
as to say the other side
would be safe
as you entered

Your words felt like truths
while all trust traduced
skin by skin torn to cinder
burning of innocence
feeding the sadism
fueling your every move and attack

My walls built
brick by brick
with the
ashes to ashes and
dust to dust
left in the wake
of the storm
you knew

you were never willing
to be the soil
to sustain strength of
the fragility beneath the
deck thrown into
the wind
delivering to me
blow by blow
from one mans hands
directly into yours

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