Just another day

I woke up again. So That makes it a good day right? As they say nowhere to go but down after that. The thing is today was not really all that bad. No days really are anymore they all just bleed together anymore.

I have been basically doing nothing lately besides work and home. I’ve neglected my gaming stuff that I should be working on and just basically been a lump. I did  Download Skyrim for my laptop. It just reminds me how much I am not a computer gamer anymore. I would rather play it on my PS4, I spent the money on it though so I am going to make sure I get whatever I can from it.

Speaking of my laptop it’s new. Got it for the holidays and it is the first new Laptop I have ever had. Thing is Beyond writing and working on D&D stuff I am not sure what else I am going to use it for. Hence the reason I got Skyrim. I really love it though so that’s something.

Yes I’m babbling which is what I do sometimes since I am just really trying to get words out into the Ether. I need to make a more converted effort to write at least something. No matter if I post it Public or make it Private. That’s the thing though, just letting my mind wander and spill forth words seems almost wasteful for this space. It’s as if I feel this need to be relevant or post something that is Profound. Unfortunately that is not what I am doing today or most likely any other day. I could just as easily write this the old-fashioned way with Pen and Paper but where is the fun in that. This is almost like I am trying to get attention.

You see though I have no real drama to post about, or anything exciting to even remotely talk about. I am an old, fat, bald white guy that used to be that angsty Teen who wrote almost daily about his feelings ETC. now I am lucky if I write anything anymore.


For now though with it being 29 minutes to 11 here, as always I find myself tired and need to go to bed so that I can get up before the sun and start the day all over again. Not that tomorrow will be any different.

That’s not a bad thing though right?

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