The Story of Damien Legend (Ongoing) Pt.1

In the coming days I will be posting excerpts from a story that was written years ago during my stint within the Realm of Second Life and the character that I created Damien Legend, all I can say is I hope you enjoy it, As I do. I might even be able to finally get to a point where perhaps I submit it somewhere. Without further Ado though here is the Beginning.

All the Dates and Times are Correct this has been sitting and collecting dust for many years.

Words for a Friend (My Eulogy)

Feb 24th 2007 | 1:34 am

I guess in a way this is a prelude of sorts to Damien’s Journal. I know that this is what he would have wanted, and I know he has let people read this online and such so I guess I should tell you who I am and why I am writing this.

My name is Andrew Fagant, and I am a good Friend of Damien’s. He and I have known each other for many years and this is my way of honoring his spirit. I know that you who are reading this probably have no idea what it is that I am talking about so I will try to clarify everything for you.

Earlier today he was found dead in his bathroom. He committed Suicide, I apologize to anyone reading this that I have inadvertently upset with this news, but it is still raw within me too and I do not know how to express my feelings all that well. Unlike Damien I am not a writer and words do not come as easy for me. He was my closest friend and through him I began to see a whole new world. He talked about those of you who read this all the time. I miss him and I do not know what I will do now that he is gone.

He left letters addressed to a few people with instructions to give them to you through email or any other way that can be found, he also left in his note instructions that I send along with it his Journal for all of you, I guess it is his final farewell for everyone that he considered his family… I understand that this kind of lets you all know the ending right away but to understand Damien you really need to read this, I know that this is a very small window into my friends life but he was such an intense and beautiful man that you can’t help but be moved by what he went through.

My Friend you will be missed and I have a feeling that it will not just be by me…

Tragedy falls around us all.
The eternal Sleep Calls for everyone
How I hope your Dreams are better now
And that you are Free…
You are gone
We are left in your wake
Questions without answers
Feelings without reciprocation
We are alone now
How could you leave us
I hate you
I love you
I hope to see you again

Forever your Friend


Welcome to what should be an illuminating look into my life. You see I am a Loner by design but it is not what I want, not really. I crave attention and acceptance, I am just too afraid to try and get them, at least I was but I am learning. You can just ask my Friends. I was a Slave but not any longer. So the beginning of this journey will talk about that part of my life. However brief it was, the being a Slave part that is. All I can say is that I learned a lot of things about myself very quickly.

Ok so I guess I should start at the beginning, I wouldn’t want to lose you all within the first few lines of my rantings… (BTW I am a sarcastic BASTARD if you haven’t noticed) You see I am by no means normal, at least not by society’s standards. I am 22 years old but I have lived more than most people will ever be able to. Well at least most of you that are reading this that is, let’s just say that I am a Goth, Industrial, Rave, Darkwave, Punk wannabe. I am not ashamed to admit this, I don’t fit into any of those stereotypes but by my look you will want to put me into one of them. I am what I am and that is all that matters.

First Impressions

Now that I have dispensed with the Bullshit let’s talk about My Masters and Mistress because that is really all that matters to me, well that and of course my one and only friend Jaredian, maybe you know him but I doubt it…

So what is there to say, I have only been around for about a week, and a lot of things have changed for me. Truly though the only thing that really matters is that I met my Master, well really he saw me first, and for reasons only known to himself he approached me. He brought me to his home and introduced me to his Family, not by Blood but something stronger. That is where I met my Second Master and my Mistress. Master 1 is Fangs, Master 2 is Nigel and my Mistress is Kalia. They all have some type of otherworldly beauty about them. Nigel has to be the most Beautiful man that I have ever met. Now don’t get me wrong Fangs is Breath stealing in his Beauty also but Nigel is well more sensual to me. Then there is Kalia, I had barely talked to her at this point, and she was the one that gave me the Tour of their home. When it was all said and done she Dominated my thoughts, I was in complete sensory overload and I wanted more. I don’t even think the words that I will write about her will do her justice. Then again the words I will use for Fangs and Nigel will never come close to who and what they are either. Back to Kalia though because there is something about her that makes me want her, to be wanted by her, to be DEVOURED Body, Heart, and Soul. I would willingly give her everything. She already has that power over me; I am helpless when she is around. I know that is a strange thing to say considering that I had only met her the one time so far and the only real contact that we had was a Kiss by the water that may or may not have really happened. So much of my time with her that night was hazy and surreal. I am not sure what is real or fantasy when I am near her.

Meeting with Nigel

Later that night I was walking around the Grounds and Buildings alone when Nigel happened upon me. You have to see this man, Yummy is really the only word that I have to describe him, just looking at him makes me think thoughts that I have never really entertained, sure there has been the occasional man that I thought looked nice and I have actually been with a man once (it was more experimentation than anything else) but until Nigel there has never been one that I ever wanted, or wanted them to want me for that matter. Its like I said, I find him to be so sensual that I feel intoxicated sometimes when he is near me. I actually left our talk a little disappointed that nothing happened, to feel his hands on me, makes me shudder just thinking about it. Now lets talk about Fangs just because I have waited till now to talk about him I don’t want you to think that I think less of him than the others, on the contrary, Fangs is Beauty personified but to me his Beauty comes from the aura of Power and controlled Rage that surrounds him. He makes me weak in the knees when he looks at me with those eyes of his. Now like I said I have been with a man and it was nothing that I care to think about again, and I do like women more, but I cannot and will not deny my attraction to Fangs and Nigel and I do hope to have fun with both of them. (Now this was obviously written before I was made theirs) Although I think that Fangs may have his sights set on being my Teacher for a while.

I do hope though that Nigel and Kalia will be able to have one on one time with me also.

So ends my thoughts on my First meeting with Fangs, Nigel, and Kalia. One night with them and look where my mind was already. They had me from the first meeting and I think they knew it. I am not complaining about it though.

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