It has been a busy couple of weeks.

Chris’ Mum had her operation. All went well. Kelly stayed with me a few days. She’s made peace with Chris to a point which meant he was picking her up from my house and he spent a little time with the kids because of that. This has led to Lauren and Liam saying they would like to start seeing him again slowly- like one afternoon a month for now. So he agreed to have them this Saturday (Joe is still not interested). Well Chris called me yesterday and asked to reschedule it for the following weekend, which is ok but a bit disappointing considering he has not had them for over 7 months and the first time he is already rescheduling. Hey ho. Liam is already now saying he doesn’t think he wants to go. We shall see.

Lauren had a good birthday. It was fairly quiet on the day Cos the kids had school and I had work. We went to Cardiff on Fri night to see “Dan and Phil” who are youtubers (don’t ask me). It was ok – the kids absolutely loved it. I looked around the arena and realised the majority of people there were born in a different century to me! Way to feel old haha. We stayed in a hotel and came home the next day. It was lovely to see them so happy and have quality time.

She is also having 3 friends over to stay tonight. They are downstairs at the moment. I am keeping myself out of the way. We hired a bouncy castle for the garden which has been really cool and I’m gonna order some pizzas soon.

That’s it really – not much else to report at the moment.

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May 31, 2018

Have a good day.Sounds like you will. Glad to hear the operation went ok.