Oh school….

It’s back! So for right now (at least until Monday) it’s just two classes. Both of them by the same instructor (I took one of his classes last semester….got a D). Now that I know what to expect from him, I can do better. I’m making sure not to miss any quizzes or DB posts this time lol. I’m starting my developmental math classes on Monday. Something to do with integers and fractions and shit. Oh fun…haha NOT. I have to be in the class physically, thankfully this is only for two months and only on Mondays and Wednesdays for like an hr each time. I don’t know yet what books I”ll need, but I hope it’s not too expensive and doesn’t totally eat up all my refund. If I had money now I’d rent, so I’m hoping to get some used. I got used book for the two classes that started today. I go pick them up tomorrow at the book store, I plan to sell my old books to them. I won’t get much, but maybe I can at least pay my life insurance with that lol. It’s only $21. So yeah…

So I’m still looking for work, at this point I’ll take a dishwasher or cashier job. I will have to turn off amazon, hulu  and netflix (which my mom and sis currently use) I know S’s son still uses my Wifi (but shit he needs to get his own anyway). I don’t know when I’ll have money in my account and I hope to avoid an overdraft fee. It kills me that my credit card bill will be late, but nothing I can do about that. I have never paid any of them late, and this move back so far has wreaked havoc on my finances. Wanna know what’s funny, S went and applied for this job at coca-cola and the asshat got the job within a week. ME on the other hand, have been looking for a damn month and not one hit. All I got was a call from a temp agency about setting up with them to find jobs after they found me on Indeed. UGH, I have not had the best luck here. However, I can’t afford to give up. I had to call ATT to extend payment on my cell so I wouldn’t lose service while I looked for work. I need the phone to find work, yeah I could use wifi but it doesn’t help if I’m not near any if/when a job calls me for an interview/job offer. So yeah, it’s been rough.

How is life otherwise…uneventful.. I will say I’m bored as FUCK, but working and school will at least keep my occupied. I want to do so much more, but I feel stuck. I tried so hard to avoid this by saving, I tried but whatever. S and I are ok, but I will have to say my guard isn’t really gone down much. He’s settled, and that was the issue before (well among other things lol), and it gets pretty boring at times. It doesn’t help that his current job is overnight, but still even when he can do more, he’s lazy and wants to lay in bed ALL day. Why have a couch, if you don’t use it?? Anyway we will have to have a talk, but at least things aren’t terrible. I just wish he would not get complacent, because that can be a bad thing. Don’t think I won’t leave, if things don’t change or get better. Why do some guys give affection for a while, then act like you’re happy being bored. No, I’ve never been good with boredom, and I wanna get out explore this city ya know. I wish I had my own car, I’d be out more. Anyway I’ll get off here, because I’m not really in a great mood. I think most of it is hormonal, AF being due this weekend, but at this point and time I can’t say I’m 100% myself cause this financial situation is killing my mood.

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