Yep I got one of those. I’m just glad to have a hit! It’s at planet fitness and I’m thinking it’s a new facility they recently built. I got a call around 10 this morning and had a mini phone interview. So after my math class on Wednesday, I’ll head over and speak with them. I do hope it’s full time, but for now I will take it if they offer. I applied like two days ago. Most of the apps I’ve put in are from at least a month ago. I’m praying this all works out. Lord knows I need this job. I like their facility anyway, and would be nice to be able to work out there.

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3 weeks ago

That’s great, good luck with it!

3 weeks ago

@thediarymaster thank you

2 weeks ago

OMG that’s great!  😀 I hope you get it. Working at a gym has to be the bomb, as they say 🙂