paid twenty dollars for a small pizza

total heartbreak diva

a hurt smile like the mona lisa

i put it all on my visa

you kept me around because it was fun

no remorse, for the feelings you left undone

my head spun

now that it’s over I’ll wish it never begun

i’ll wait for the midnight sun

i need to leave faster than I can run


i wake up

making you excuses

restless from the bruises

you left on my heart

and maybe

i’m not fucking sorry

touching my body

i knew it from the start

that i’m a second choice

all my thoughts unvoiced

just to keep you happy

and trying to keep it classy

but I’m a second choice 

no matter how far I get

you’ll always be my biggest regret

i’ll exploit my biggest fears

just to be back in my own bed in tears

i guess i’ll stick around to be your voice

and everyone’s second choice


friend of mine

sat down with me

enough to intertwine

felt like it used to be

i saw you last week

thinking I was as pretty as she

thought maybe it was our peak

your snap score showing me you’re free

and I need you to say words you’d never speak

my message left lost at sea

and I keep looking at ways to tweak

every glance you’ve ever made at me

playing games and I bite my cheek

it seems like i’m the casualty


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