misalignment pt. 2

Another sleepless 2 a.m. – an increasingly common occurrence.

If not pain, then the brain. Or vice versa.
More often than not a little of both.
Tonight, a lot of both.

There’s a problem, a puzzle, something I’ve contemplated for far too long. Dissected and reassembled over and over again in my mind. So much time wasted, looking for a resolution, when in fact I should have been searching for the catalyst.

Pieces of it have been coming together for the past several months, a truth I struggle to accept because I don’t know how to move forward from it.

my depths are different than your depths.
how do i reconcile?

I’m on the precipice of something, debating if I should turn back or press forward.

Maybe just wait it out, see what my heart wants in another twenty years’ time.

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