with a sigh

Having been trained in MTBI about twenty years ago, and having discussed MTBI with the letter-friend this week, I went on a little bit of a deep dive today. I’m INFP, for the record, and I’ve been reading up on the differences between INFJs and INFPs for the sake of our discussion.

Eventually my thoughts wandered elsewhere, to different INFJ. I read about the INFJ ‘door slam’ – cutting someone out, ghosting them, whatever you’d like to call it. They’re all the same thing.

It’s said that when you deeply wound a INFJ, they don’t hate you. They nothing you.


Whereas, when an INFP cuts someone off:

We cut them out because the object evokes so much pain/anger/despair that we need to shut them out just to numb the negative aspects enough to get by. Often the object remains in our mind. We can’t simply move on.

Or, as someone else said:

INFPs always close the door with a sigh, even when they put every ounce of their strength into it.

Yeah, that tracks.

Still hung up on the same things, still waiting to hear a knock from the other side of that door, fully knowing it will never come.

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