Health Stress.

9 weeks of post-partum hell.

I really hope I get the answers I need tomorrow.  I’m going to a new OB/GYN – at my 6 week follow up with my first one “oh if these issues are still happening in a week, let’s get you in for an ultrasound.”

*One week later* – still happening, only worse…

“We don’t have availability until two weeks, and your specific doctor isn’t available until July.”  (On another note, my experience with my OB/GYN the 2nd time wasn’t the best.  Very lackadaisical and just didn’t feel like a priority).

If I needed a reminder of how messed up the US healthcare system is – ESPECIALLY for women – it smacked me in the face like a dead fish this post-partum time around.  I even went to urgent care yesterday – no help.  😕

Anyway, I’ve been so incredibly stressed about these issues, I’m praying to God tomorrow that I have a resolution or a path to health.  I can’t take it anymore… It’s been so rough.  Please send some good vibes that I get better soon. <3 ESPECIALLY since I’m still healing from getting skin cancer removed from my calf!  -_-

On top of that, my 2 year old Tarin has an appointment at Children’s hospital tomorrow for an issue he’s having.  This issue *doesn’t* seem to be a big deal, but I also don’t know?

Health stress sucks.  The days DRAGGGG as you’re waiting for appointments, test results, etc.

Anyway, I hope I can put all this behind me soon.  It’s been really tough to feel like myself.  I feel like a shell of myself.

Much love,


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