toxic baby daddy

is anyone else sadly still in love with there baby daddy?? Mine is emotionally and mentally abusive but still I stil find myself wanting his acceptance and his love. I still find myself wanting that perfect family that I know we could have been. I cant seem to let him go. I wonder if its because its my first kid my first actual heart break. Just alot of history, been on and off for 8 years and i finally think were at a point where its going to stay off forever and I cant seem to accept that. it effect everything about me, its weighing me down and I can not break out no matter how hard I try

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2 weeks ago

You know sometimes it turns out differently from what we want, but if you hold it might actually gets worse, abusive partners have the potential to turn you into a nightmare, don’t mixed up emotions and thought, peace of mind is the ultimate gateway.

2 weeks ago

@emiliakarl i know right its just been so hard. I find myself wondering why i cant shake those feelings even after he treats me like poo. my head knows its time but my heart has a mind of its own