That One Time I Had a Sugar Daddy

When I was 25 I worked at a doctor’s office as an administrative assistant. It was a small office and the Doctor was only there once week. Because he only saw patients once a week, that one day was always very busy and it was a challenge to get everyone scheduled on the same day. I got to know some of the patients fairly well because they usually came in once a month. We had one patient that the Doctor had informed me was high priority, which basically just meant that he had a lot of money and status. This particular patient, lets call him Bob, was middle aged and very wealthy. He rarely made appointments and would often call to be squeezed onto the schedule the day off.  I always made room for him because he was “high priority”, but he was always really nice and appreciative every time he came in, and never in a creepy inappropriate way.

I got engaged to my boyfriend at some point while working at that office. Shortly after my engagement, Bob came in for an appointment and we started chatting about my upcoming wedding.  He asked me if I were going to have a bachelorette party before the wedding. I told him that I would most likely do something with my friends but that I wasn’t sure what. He then offered to take me and my friends to Vegas ,to which I told him that I couldn’t let him do that and it was too much. He told me that he was going to Vegas already in a few weeks and that he was taking some of the artists that he worked with. He also said that his girlfriend was going too and that there was plenty of room for me and friends to stay in his villa. Never in a million years would I normally consider saying yes to something like that, but it was so much more tempting after he mentioned that his girlfriend would be there and a bunch of other people. I knew that it was something I needed to be careful talking about at work because it wasn’t exactly appropriate for him to offer to do something like that considering the situation. He got my number and said that he would call me later so that he could give me more details about it.

I feel like I should mention that I’m a super goody goody and Vegas wasn’t even on my radar because I don’t gamble, I’m not interested in strippers,  and it’s super expensive there in general. So when Bob asked me about going to Las Vegas I immediately thought “no”, but then part of me was bummed because it was so tempting to do something kind of crazy before my wedding and he was offering to pay for it.

After work that day I talked to my roommate about it and she started asking me the usual questions; If the guy was creepy, if he made me feel uncomfortable, and if I had any reason to believe he had bad intentions. I feel like I’m a pretty good judge of character and the answer to all of the questions was no. I never once felt like he was hitting on me or creepy at all. So when Bob called me and started talking to me about the Las Vegas trip he was so nice and not pushy all. He made it sound like we would just be tagging along and that we wouldn’t be trouble at all. So, I did the unthinkable and I said yes, and I’m so glad I did.

Bob told me that I could invite 4 friends, so I got my besty and our 2 other friends to agree to go with me, which also made me feel safer. I was super nervous because I knew it was risky going to Las Vegas with an older man and bunch of strangers. It was insane and not like me at all. But the trip ended up being something straight out of movie, in a good way. Bob flew me and friends, along with he and his girlfriend, on a private jet to Las Vegas. It was so fun! I even got to sit up in the cockpit and experience the amazing view. When we landed in Las Vegas we were escorted to a limo and then taken to the MGM mansion villas. The villa was huge. It had a spa inside the living room and giant pool outside. My friends and I had our own room and bathroom, complete with heated tile floors and plush carpet and bedding. It was amazing. Our first night we had filet mignon for dinner and then Bob took us to see Paul McCartney in concert where we sat in the 5th row! I felt like I was living someone else’s life.

The next day we lounged around the beautiful pool and then we all got facials and massages at the spa. That night Bob took us to dinner at some fancy restaurant where I had Caviar for the first time. It was delicious. Later that night he led us gamble a little at the $500 slot machines, and then had the limo drop me and friends off at the club where we danced the night away. The next morning we lounged by the pool a little more before packing up and heading home, again on the private jet.

I didn’t pay for anything the entire trip except for snacks by the pool. Nothing bad happened to me or my friends,  and I still can’t believe that trip was real. At no point in time did Bob ask for anything in return. He was happy to do something nice for me and my friends just because he could. It was one of those once in a life time things that I just didn’t want to say no to. These kinds of things don’t happen every day, at least not to me. Well maybe they happen to me, but only in Las Vegas. I have another Las Vegas trip story that was also not the norm, but that’s for another day.


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