Babysitting Story

Years ago I used to be a nanny. I worked for this one family with 4 kids. Their kids were 2,4,7, and 10. They were adorable, but taking care of 4 kids at those ages is tough. One weekend the parents were going away for a night and they had asked me stay over and watch the kids. It was my first over night stay as a nanny. I was a little nervous because I know that little kids can be extra difficult when they are tired and when mom and dad are gone for too long, but I agreed to do it anyway.

It was Friday afternoon and the mom had asked me to pick up her two youngest kids from daycare and then pick up a pizza and come back to the house. So I went to their house grabbed the car seats, then picked up the kids and headed to the little Cesar’s to get a pizza. On the way to get the pizza I glanced back to check on the kids and to my horror I see the 4 year old with a razor in her hand and both kids are bleeding.  Neither of them cried or seemed to be in pain at all. They both just looked at me with doe eyed faces and blood dripping from their mouths like it was no big deal. I tried not to scare them by freaking out, but I was freaking out inside.  I had placed my overnight bag in the middle seat between the 2 kids and never in a million years considered they would open it up.  Of all the things for them to pull out of my bag, they found the razor. The 4 year old must have seen daddy shave a few times because it was clear to me that she had tried to shave her and her little brothers lips. The razor was new and very sharp so I don’t think they even realized they had been cut, but it was terrifying for me. I of course pulled over and carefully removed the razor from the child’s hands and cleaned them up immediately. I also told the mother what happened because I’m not the type of person to keep something like that from a parent. That will always be on of my most memorable baby sitting adventures.

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January 17, 2022

whoa- that is a crazy story-

January 17, 2022

omg! how did the parents react?

January 17, 2022

@journalsecret I apologized like crazy but the mom was really nice and her kids are accident prone so she didn’t freak out. She wasn’t even mad. When she got home she couldn’t even see the evidence of the cuts because they were so small.

January 18, 2022

Wow. Truth is stranger than fiction. It’s ironic the mom said the kids were accident prone.