Banana Fall On You

An old friend of Gigi/Paris and mine had seen the pictures of us fishing on my facebook and left a comment if we forgot about him. Paris must have seen it and felt bad because she was hanging out with him last night. He kept asking about me so I was roped into going out “for like an hour” last night. (It was really about 4 hours.)

We went to Gigi’s apartment. Had some drinks and played spades. Good times. Didn’t feel that great this morning. I wish I hung around more people who play cards. There is a volunteer named Josie that comes in every week day except Tuesday, because she plays bridge with some ladies on Tuesdays.  I haven’t played bridge since I was 8, but I am a fast learner.

Doing the double today. It’s slow and not much going on. I’d give my eye tooth for a project. Maybe I’ll look up some recipes for the pot luck next Tuesday.

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June 12, 2019

My dad is a pretty good bridge player.  he sometimes teaches people on the cruise ships.  He is one of the top 10 in Canada, but I like to think he is the best in Canada.  Playing games is good for the brain…it keeps it active.