Comments I would like to say on Facebook

but I won’t, because I don’t want to ruin my Facebook venue of lovely vacation and grandkid photos:

I can see me keeping this post open for future comments…

“The Supreme Court is actively delegitimizing itself.” – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (on Cobert 6/28)

Abbott blamed the tragic unholy deaths in the truck which was left on a country road outside of San Antonio on “Biden’s Open Door Policy.”  Hell, if that even existed, then why did those poor people agree to hide in that nightmarish truck?

This seems lame with only 2 comments, but I will add to this.  First World Problem Busy at the moment…


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June 29, 2022

I actually started a Facebook post today and then deleted it but it was something like… I know this will not be popular but it seems like everyone is so busy pointing and proving how great they are that I feel like people neglect the people who are doing good without even asking for recognition… something along those lines. I deleted it of course because… I don’t wanna stir the poo 💩 😂

June 29, 2022

Yeah, I know what you mean. I’m not on Facebook anymore. I was better off not knowing how dumb my friends and co-workers are in their innermost mind. Just the sheer lack of critical thinking skills. I have no problem with someone being a conservative or even a Republican — but this is different. I think about what we learned yesterday about Trump, having a hissy fit and throwing his plate across the room. He’s such a classless oaf, a sociopath and a traitor to boot. Supporting a guy like that is a moral failure.