Things are very very good now.

(Sigh of relief!)  One more to go, but I am very hopeful.

The one more is my son, living here just now without a job or a plan.  Second vaccine this Friday.

Mom.  Health recovered a bit.  I took her to an in-person visit with primary doctor, and she has stabilzed a bit.

My youngest is pregnant!  Too early to spread the news, but I am using this good news to tell Mom over and over to make her happy each time she hears it.  I am not worried about her spilling the beans to my sister, as Mom will not remember this (probably).

We finally have a plan that we love with our architect, and he is finishing the schematics for our contractor so that contractor can get that bid in to the bank for our construction loan to build our dream house!  It will be our vacation house for the next 6-7 years and then our actual house after my sweet Hubby retires!  It is in a beautiful 15.8 acre plot of land we bought 6 years ago.  We just got back from a weekend out there.  It makes me happy.

This might sound weird, but it isn’t.  We took my friend with us out to the Texas Hill country this weekend, and she shared our hotel room and spent a lovely weekend with us.  She had the exact same breast cancer that I had 11 years before I did — while being friends with me back then of course.  I am now completely done with treatment and even got my infusion port removed 3 weeks ago, but await my breast reconstructive surgery(s) (a pretty big deal).  My friend did not have a good outcome with hers, and in our late-night wine-time talks tried to talk me out of doing it at all.  My sensible pediatrician husband says to me to calm down — that this is just like when all those ladies shared with me horror stories about their birth-experiences while I was pregnant.  I will still get the next surgeries, but I have put it off until late August.  I NEED A BREAK FROM BEING IN RECOVRY!!!!!!!!  This was My Choice even before this lovely weekend.  Which was lovely, by the way.  Friend got to drive our new fancy tractor!

Please enjoy this fun band from where I live.  As soon as Covid is over, I will definitely be at their next concert!:


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