Hello Stranger.

I just need to talk even if no one is listening.

I feel so numb. I feel like if  a bomb exploded right next to me, Id still just sit here and look out of my head.

Im not used to talking about these things at all but i think i decided to take the first step towards getting better?.

The thing is.. i’m a jolly person, always smiling, always positive, loving and just in general i am enjoying my life and I think that is exactly why the current situation is so scary. I do not know how to deal with it. However, I am willing to do everything to get ME back. In the meantime, share your struggles, lets be friend, im here to read your stories in the commments and be there for you, because we all need that. ♥

I hope you are well and that you are giving enough credit for yourself for all the things you have achieved today.

Did you brush your teeth?Good job!

Did you clean your room? Good job!

Did you make your bed? Good job!

Did you drink enough water? Good job!

Go eat an apple. 😁🍏


Much love,



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April 3, 2024

I just started to drink more water. I think maybe you need a change of pace. Do something different. Try a new hobby maybe? I love photography… so I take every chance I get to photograph something… maybe a plant that is now showing signs of life after the winter?

April 3, 2024

@cemeterydawn I love photography, however it has been a while since i have put that to use, love the idea, thank you. ♥ Change of pace is definitely what I need and maybe your suggestion is the right way to start. Good job on drinking more water! 😊

April 3, 2024

@thoenixt I drink enough water to pee the bed every night if I don’t watch out. 😮 I am addicted to my phone and tablets. Their cameras are as bit rudimentary (I have a Pixel XL 2, an iPad Air 2, and a Samsung E tab) Hell, I even take pictures with my 3DS camera and DSi camera! It is my passion.

April 3, 2024

i hope you get out of this rut that you are in. I found myself in that same issue not so long ago. honestly, i never went back to who i was. i am just constantly evolving now. maybe there is hope for you, i sure hope so.

started an 80 day strong challenge yesterday hoping i can actually accomplish all 80 days.

April 3, 2024

@justanon95 I pray i get out of it and i am positive, that i wil, in the meantime, this period is good for me to learn some lessons, lessons i can take with me anywhere. After all hard times are needed. ♥ Thank you for your very kind words and i am so proud of you for pushing through ♥ and about your challange, YOU’RE GOING TO FINISH IT! 😃