I’m counting down the days

So next week for us is spring break and I’m so ready. It’s only Monday and today was a nightmare. My big student Leiajha has had a tough couple of weeks. Last week one of her grandmas died and today she came to school talking about her uncle was in a bad car accident. Her mom is in town because of the grandma stuff and honestly just needs to get the kids and take them back to Texas with her. So this morning Leiajha was getting upset about a test she had to take on the computer and just walked out of our pod and was at the side door when I went out. The social worker who is useless was out there and was like I’ll come out in 15 minutes I have to go with another student in one of the other 5th grade rooms. Thankfully I guess that student was busy so she came out but Leiajha had the door half open and was threatening to leave the building which usually is a phone call to the cops so the social w0rker said to her if you leave we are going to have to call the cops and that she would give her 1 minute before she called. Thankfully Leiajha came in and went with the social worker back to her office. The rest of the morning went good. Leiajha came up with a idea about a school supply store where the kids could purchase supplies with golden tickets they can earn by being good. So the store is in the process but I’m waiting to hear back from the principal because I only have limited supplies and no extra money to buy other things and according to the principal after the items run out that is going to be it. So it’s in limbo because she still hasn’t written back to me because I told her the only supplies I have are notebooks and folders and not many of either so I need help purchasing other items or I don’t think there is a point of having a store and especially with her moving soon because the principal said after she moves the store will be done. So after lunch Leiajha starts talking about us planning stuff and I was like we already did the planning part and I’m basically waiting to hear back from the principal about my issue so she got mad and started kicking our classroom door which is clear glass. The teacher called a BIS or behavior interventionist to come down and the BIS talked to her for a few minutes and then left. After that she came into the classroom and started throwing little bins of markers and colored pencils on the floor. So the teacher tried ” clearing” the room but Leiajha stood in front of the classroom door and wouldn’t let us go out into the pod area. The teacher told her it was a safety issue and she needed to move out of the way of the door to which Leiajha wouldn’t listen. Thankfully the assistant principal came about that time and he asked her to go out in the pod to talk to him which she refused and then was claiming he was putting his hands on her which he wasn’t because the teacher was standing right near as a witness in case of that situation. So eventually he gets her calmed down enough to go back into the room and she picks up her mess and things go back to normal UNTIL….. she sees the teacher hand a ziploc bag of OObleck to a student that was at school on Friday but he had to leave early so we made him one and he had to wait til today to get it. So she starts getting on and on about how it’s not fair that we made it while she wasn’t here and we tried to explain to her that she wasn’t the only student that didn’t get to make it. We only have 13 students in our room because of it being a self contained room and like half the kids were gone on Friday. So she just walked out again which worked because it was almost dismissal time anyway. I’m hoping she gets sick or just decides to stay home tomorrow OMG. Then our tall guy had issues on Wedsnesday last week messing with a few different students and he ended up getting OSS or out of school suspension and will be back tomorrow. We were emailed and told that if he makes fun of any students, calls them names ect. that we are to tell him to stop once. If he still continues to not listen and do whatever it is then I’m to bring him down to the office with some work. The sad part is it took someone’s grandpa to have to come down to the school for us to get to this point. The grandpa told me that the next time the tall boy puts his hands on his grandson he is pressing charges against him. I told him I totally agree with you. So we will see how tomorrow goes.

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