Welcome back everyone!!!

Who would have thought that OD would be back. A lot has happened since then. My son is 13 and going to be a freshman in high school. I can’t believe it!!! I work as a paraprofessional or fancy word for teacher assistant. I work in self contained classroom 3rd through 5th grade. Self- contained basically means our students can’t be in a regular classroom for either behavior issues or because they are so far behind. Our class basically helps them catch up but at a pace they can understand stuff unlike in a regular room. A lot of the behaviors come from not being able to keep up with the regular students. I also work for my friend Rachel who has CP as a personal assistant when I can get a free day. I work for our park district during the summer for summer school. My husband is a school bus driver, is still in the army reserves and works for a security company and is still trying to get his taekwondo school going. We have a decent relationship with part of my in laws. My husband’s cousins are awesome and have invited us in their lives. Usually at least a few times during the summer we get together and go to the zoo or go for a birthday party or some family event. Big surprise we still don’t hear much from MIL or FIL. MIL was upset because she can’t figure out why my son doesn’t call her grandma like he does my mom. Maybe it’s because my mom has actually been in his life all this time and has done things with him and even if my mom lived somewhere else and drove she would still come visit more than his mom does. It’s always a excuse why they can’t come visit. Their car broke down or someone had to work blah blah blah. I’m so done with it. The big thing that ticks me off is every family event that they actually show for they ALWAYS come up to us and say why haven’t you guys called us? We don’t know maybe because we don’t have anything to say just like you guys never do and oh let’s not forget that they can’t remember our numbers. Our numbers have been the same for YEARS and they still manage to lose them. FIL NEVER calls and hasn’t visited but they want us to go drive 3 hours to visit. I don’t fucking think so. Same thing for the one BIL that doesn’t live with mommy. He is still married to Bridezilla. The last time we tried to set up a time for my son to go visit they didn’t want to meet us halfway, I wasn’t invited to even come and they expected us to drive 3 hours up there and 3 hours back on the 4TH OF JULY!!! Are you fucking nuts? That is one of the busiest holidays to drive on!! Then to say I wasn’t invited uh excuse me that is my son I will come if I damn well please. How the fuck are you going to tell me I can’t come? One of my husband’s uncles is amazing. We don’t like that he pays for things but at least it gives my son something to do. He did horseback riding lessons the last few summers thanks to this uncle and this year my son is going to get to go to a technology camp for a week because of him. The price I saw was almost a 1,000 dollars but it might be cheaper since my son will be staying with him for the week since the college is close to his house so I’m sure that will bring down the cost but still. I’m so appreciative to him that my son gets to do something even though we don’t have that kind of money.  We lost one of our dogs and 2 of our cats since the last time. Aries, Squeaker and Lily.

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May 28, 2018

Welcome back. Families are crazy huh. I don’t think any of us has a “normal” family. Your son is lucky to have a generous uncle like that in his life. Those are irreplaceable memories. 🙂

May 29, 2018

@jadeangel  most definitely really wish the rest of the family gave a damn. The cousins and uncle are in his life but the others not so much and my mom and brother are in his life too so at least he has someone in his life.