This was supposed to be a comment about Cleaning ….  Ended up being my whole day yesterday ~      Ah yes Good Ole PineSol…. My grandma use to use it daily growing up so I loved the smell for years but like your dad it got a lil to strong for my head to take any longer an I got burnt out on the smell.  I managed to switch over to the new Gain All purpose cleaners That Do exactly what pinesol did Plus they now have I believe almost 4 different Scents now 1 just coming out this past month that includes pet odor Cutter.. By the way I Love Cause I’ve got 2 big dogs, 1 lil dog, and 2 cats 1 of which likes to kick litter out the box pretty hardcore.. Any how This stuff is a multi surface cleaner so I always end up doing my counters,  kitchen table/chairs,  an just about everything with this stuff. Its been great and last for almost 2 days smelling perfectly clean n fresh…  Its funny You mentioned the Mop thing as well Cause You are absolutely right about having a good mop.  I have been sticking with that Spin mop thing that has been out for awhile now. I used to hate this thing cause my girlfriend knew better an was all for it but for no particular  reason I despised the thing for a long time until I got to using it over an over again…It grew on Me…  An this mop last forever!! I tell you this is my 3rd one in the last few years so that goes to show you how long they last.  Their pretty self cleaning long as you tend to use a tiny bit of bleach to keep them like new an disinfected..  Anyways enough of that.. I myself just yesterday went to youtube an looked up videos of how to bring/ motivate yourself to clean while being depressed.  I found this one therapist at random that actual talked about this lil tip that he himself uses to get himself going at home with his own personal chores..  I had two days of build up around my house an did not want to function till I tried this tip An Boy am I telling you I loved it.. He said to set a timed goal not a to do list or I’ll do this an that then be done.. We’re talking about just a little lets say 30 mins towards lets say 15 of those mins on the kitchen counter then go from there.. then at least you’ve got a lil something accomplished.. But he said at the start of that 30mins take the first ten mins to take a lil walk to get the blood flowing,  he also said statistics show if you do this the person that took a ten minute walk will get more done in their 20mins of cleaning than if it was a person cleaning for 30mins without one Crazy right.. I did not want to move at all yesterday but when I tell you this worked amazing I’m telling you It truly did work wonders.. My house is now cleaned spotless thru the living room, kitchen, bathroom an My master bedroom.  Oh an the coming home to the freshly cleaned smell! My fiancee is the only one working right now So I’ve been keeping up with house chores Since she is on the battle ground right now..  I Love it though for the time being.. My mental needed this checkout for a lil bit..  Want to wish you a happy day an thanks for the sharing words

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