The Expanse of Stupidity

Texas has had 2.66 million positive Covid cases and 44,078 deaths.

Only 6.5% of the 29 million people living in this state have been vaccinated against Covid.

But Governor Greg Abbott, in all of his infinite wisdom, has deemed that next Wednesday, the state of Texas shall come forth from restrictions as if Covid has never happened.

Can we please get someone in the damn office that would look at science and tell his constituents that he is trying to save their lives?  Ohh wait, that is too much to ask and he has already been bought by said constituents.  Thanks a lot Governor Abbott.  As someone with a compromised immune system, I thank you for showing me exactly where you stand regarding humanity and ethics.

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March 2, 2021

I live in the state….I cannot help but can say loudly I’m ready to leave this state

Here in UT covid never really did much here only the old poeple really wear the mask. We only had things shut down for a few weeks when this all started. They put out signs in front of the shops saying you should wear a mask but no one says its 100% needed. I have not warn a mask out in about 5 months. We don’t even really do the whole 6 feet apart thing. It’s crazy to see places like NY all doom and gloom when we don’t have that here.

March 4, 2021

My city’s (San Antonio) mayor absolutely disagrees with Abbott as do many, many people – including myself. But leave the state in which I was born and bred? Not unless I win the lotto and buy a condo in Hawaii. That’s not gonna happen.

March 4, 2021

@theobscure I was born in Texas.  Lived in the Midwest, the South (other than Texas) and the PNW.  I am only back here now because of family, but those ties aren’t strong enough to keep me here.  It’s awesome if you can.. I just cannot anymore.