Finally Over The Cough!

Three weeks ago I came down with a sinus infection and then a cough. This thing was probably the worst cough I’ve ever had. Well it finally cleared up a few days ago. Diane picked up the same thing about a week after me and so hers is still going. Another guy at work had it too.

Two other OD’ers seem to have it so there’s something wierd going around.  It feels good to be free of it although I still have to blow my nose a lot. The energy level is coming back.

Currintly writing this from the hotel in Asheboro, NC. On a business trip this week. Another trip to the midwest follows but I’ll bring Diane with me on that one.


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June 13, 2006

(random) Maybe they’re all allergic to OD…lol

June 13, 2006

*I* am just getting over mine very very slowly!

June 14, 2006

sounds like it was an awful cold/virus. glad you are finally rid of it. take care,