We’re Alive

Reed and I and my mother have survived Covid. Neither of my grandmothers got Covid. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to work but I think I successfully figured out how to get my paid leave, which will be good since my wages are about to be garnished again. I just started back to my normal routine today. It was my first day back to the gym, my first day back to after-dinner walks, protein shakes, etc. I’m doing ok, just a little less stamina.

Somehow I’ve managed to keep up with school through all of this but it has been stressful and overwhelming, and I don’t think I will do 3 classes at the same time again. It’s just more than I want to deal with.

My Alabama grandmother’s current chemo program has stopped working and she has had tumor growth in her hip, lymph nodes, and lung. This is really bad news, and they are planning on trying a new chemo treatment but I’m not sure if that’s the best course or not. The most recent report for today was that she was feeling bad all day into the night.

My grandma that lives up here has been sleeping all day mostly but had a laughing fit recently when she spilled her tea on herself at dinner. My aunt thinks she may be getting dementia.

I finished up some books I was working on, got the house back on track cleaning-wise, and am caught up for now with my schoolwork. I go back to work on Wednesday. I’m pretty stressed out but trying not to let it get me down. Reed and I have tickets to see Titanic in theaters in 4k 3D for the 25th anniversary next Saturday and I am very much looking forward to that, so hopefully, that will keep me going.

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