A few admin stuff…

Just to inform you of a few admin stuff. Today, in an unexpected conversation, re the group we created, the two Cs have jointly decided that they want to approve members’ posts. I mean, men, what… I don’t have that level of energy. And the other two, of course, are not doing a thing. Still. So there are 3 of us in-action, and they want to approve members’ posts and update the page at the same time. Like, what??? But 2/3, I have agreed with them that ok, we will do it. I have turned on the option that all posts need to be approved by admin/moderators. OK – whatever will be, will be, then…

I want to send you a message but just remember that I can’t even message you about this any more, lol, so here it is then. It’s been a bit late my time, so I will go to bed now.

I miss you, though. But I’m happy to see you post things on fb and appear to live a normal happy life. I like to see you happy. I always feel bad that you have too heavy a workload. I will never be able to manage half of that load consistently over so many years like that! Someday I’d write something about this, just too sleepy now.

For now, have a nice Sunday, love!
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