A random act of kindness made my day

I stopped going to Costco when I was pregnant because it was far too difficult for me. Also, Costco is always weirdly crowded with people blocking aisles and stopping right in front of you. I had a couple bad experiences when I was pregnant and I vowed I would never go again.

Well, I’m tired of going to the regular grocery store, and what I’m buying is not lasting. I feel like every few days our fridge is empty. Also cooking is exhausting. So, I decided to take my baby and go to Costco today. It actually went okay. I took my time and ignored the people around me. I was in no hurry so if someone cut in front of me I just waited until they moved and I stayed out of everyone’s way.

I got a lot of stuff that I really needed. Easy meals, frozen foods, etc. My cart was pretty full. Since my baby was in my cart, when I went to checkout they asked if they could get me a new cart. When they loaded the new cart, they loaded it to the top, so there was no room to put my baby in the cart. I asked if someone could help me but they said they could only help me to the exit. So I picked BabyBoy up from the empty cart and put him on my hip as I pushed the new full cart. The problem was, the cart was really heavy, and it was super hot outside. I was walking so slow because it was so difficult to hold my big 20 pound baby and push a full cart with one arm.

A lady behind me along with her husband and young daughter asked if they could help me. They pushed the cart to my car and then the husband loaded everything into my car for me. It was the nicest thing, it saved me so much time and brought tears to my eyes. I am so thankful for these beautiful people and I wish them the best life!

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June 12, 2023

now this makes me smile.  there are definitely kind people in this world and we need all of the kind people that we can get.  one time, I was at a fast food restaurant and the woman standing behind me paid for my meal.  when I thanked her profusely, she said I should pay it forward.  one act of kindness can snowball into many acts of kindness.  glad you and your baby are home safe and sound with all of your Costco groceries.

June 13, 2023

You were brave to go back there. They do have the best fruit trays. I am a total believer in RAOK. People come through when you least expect it. Now it would have been cooler if the person behind you paid for your groceries. That would have been a superior RAOK. 😎

June 14, 2023

@tracker2020 hahaha that would’ve been amazing because I spent about $400 on groceries!