Just a long post about my little smarty-pants.

My BabyBoy is incredible. I never get to brag about how precious, wonderful, and smart he is, so I’m going to do it here!

Right now, he’s not only into dancing to every song he hears, but he’s also into singing. He can’t say actual words, but he makes noises and hums along to songs, it’s so funny. He is always smiling. Literally always smiling or laughing. Sometimes, I’ll be trying to put him to sleep and he’ll just start giggling, and I’ll start laughing, and then he’ll laugh back and we just lie in bed laughing. He has the best laugh!

I know I’m biased, because I’m his mom, but I’ve been around babies my whole life and he is truly the smartest baby I’ve ever known. He loves stuffed animals, and has a bunch of them and he knows what they are. I can say, “go get your zebra” or “bring me your horse” and he’ll do it. We named all of his dolls and his other toys and he goes and gets them by name. He also knows the colors red and blue. Keep in mind, he’s only 10 months old. If I give him different colored balls and different colored hoops, he’ll put the ball in the matching color hoop if I ask him to.

He waves hi and bye. He shakes his toys if you tell him to shake it. He gives high fives and claps his hands. He loves to do cheers. Right now, he can crawl, and he can stand up on his own but he gets scared of standing without support after a few seconds and sits back down. He knows how to turn on all the lights in our house, even though each room has a different way of turning them on: our livingroom, a regular switch; his bedroom, a remote; our bedroom, a sliding switch. He repeats any sound you say. When you ask him what his name is, he says “TA” so I call him my little “Tata.”

He knows where his eyes are, his nose, his mouth, his ears, his head, his hair. When I ask him to touch my nose (or mouth, or head, or hair) he will. If you give him a brush, he’ll brush my hair. He knows the remote goes to the TV and he can turn the TV on. Not only does he learn new skills so quickly, but he loves to learn. He can throw the ball, catch the ball, and kick the ball. He’s figured out that if he pushes the ball towards the wall it’ll come right back to him, and he plays catch with himself. If he has something in his hand that I don’t want him to have, I can say “give it to mama” and he will right away. Or if he’s going to put something in his mouth that I don’t want him to put in his mouth and I say “Ewwwww” He drops it and pushes it away from him.

He says “SIT!” and “STP!” (Stop), when he wants us to stop doing something. If we are telling him to repeat something and he doesn’t want to, he blows raspberries at us, but usually he repeats it. If you hand him something he said “tnk oo” (or random two syllables that sound like thank you). When he’s thirsty he clicks his tongue to let us know he wants water. When he’s all done eating we give him a tissue or a wipe and tell him to clean up and he tries to wipe his face, and then he tries to clean his high chair. He gives big sloppy kisses when you ask him for one. When I’m changing his diaper I’ll hand him the new diaper first and tell him “put it on your booty” and he lifts his legs and tries to put it on himself. We just got him a toy that is a little dog with a sock in its mouth and it plays tug-a-war with you, singing and pulling away as you try to pull the sock. After a little of playing with the dog, he took of his own sock and held it up to have a sock too. He has a stuffed star and we sing twinkle twinkle little star and he puts his star “up high” by holding it up. If you tell him to touch the sky, he puts both of his hands up to the sky. If you hand him something and tell him to put it on his head, he will. If you tell him to put it on your head, he will. He loves toys with buttons and loves to push all of the buttons. He doesn’t even cry when he’s hungry. When its time for his bottle, I’ll ask him if he wants some milk and if he’s hungry he’ll give a little whine, if he’s not he just ignores me.

He can say “DADA” very clearly, but he can’t say “mama” at all, so when I ask him to say mama he says “DADADADADADA” and laughs. He’ll hold onto something and jump if you tell him to jump, and he’ll dance if you sing “dance dance dance.” But right now, clapping is his favorite.

By the way, he’s bilingual. And can do all of these things in both languages, without even hesitating when he hears one language versus the other. He loves the pool and he knows to hold his breath when I dip him in, and he can kick and splash, and is almost swimming completely on his own, with just a little bit of support.

I can go on and on and on. My little smarty-pants. I love him so much.

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July 13, 2023

Awww, he IS clever!  I’m so glad you are enjoying him.