My husband still gives me butterflies

Some nights I think of something he still doesn’t know about me. Some nights I think about a topic we’ve never discussed before. Some nights I think about something I don’t know about him and ask him the question.

Tonight we talked about what signs we look for in ghosts.

I met this wonderful man when he was just a boy at 17. He gave me butterflies the day I met him. And everyday since.

Our love story really is a fairytale. And I will forever be in awe of how lucky I am 💕

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July 1, 2023

you are so lucky

July 2, 2023

That’s what I want too.  I’ve been married to men who give me moths, but not butterflies.  I think it’s time I felt it!

July 13, 2023

@novembercirese You’ll find it!