Baldur’s Gate 3

I just want to record this so I can come back and smile when I read about it again in the future.

I’ve been playing BG3 since release, just about a month ago, and this game is amazing.  Everywhere I go there is someone to talk to, something to explore, something to find, some hidden thing to reward the time I spend on it.  The NPCs get more interesting as the game progresses, the story gets more interesting, allies and enemies become confused, friends risk becoming foes …

I’m playing a Bard on my first playthrough, which means (as one NPC put it) I “have a dangerous tongue in my mouth” and I’ve talked my way past countless conflicts, while I’ve killed others with a well-placed and convincing word.  On subsequent playthroughs I will choose to play the premade characters, so as to experience their tailored stories firsthand, but wanted to do a ‘vanilla’ playthrough on my first run so I’d have a baseline to compare others against.

It is a game with so much replayability and so much depth that I expect I’ll be playing it here and there, still, in years to come.  At least until Larian’s next game launches.

I had been part of the Early Access for three years – so I had an idea of what to expect with Act 1, but I’m deep into Act 3 now and still having an amazing time.  If you enjoy crpgs, this game is not to be missed.

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