Just need a weigh in on this one

Okay, I feel like I’m being gaslit but I guess it’s time to get some other opinions.

I am being told that I should not be upset about the following:

I used to run a weekly Star Wars tabletop roleplaying game session.  The session lasted 8 hours every Sunday, and I did about 10 hours worth of prep on the game world, the story, npcs, etc, each week in order to make the game fun for everyone.  Part of my process was using Wookieepedia (the Star Wars wiki) to get dates, places, names, and everything I could as authentic to Star Wars as possible.  This was a campaign I put a lot of care and personal effort into.

My players are not unaware of this and all agreed that they wanted to play in the Star Wars setting before we even started.

Yet, near the end of the campaign, one of the players would bitch about how stupid Star Wars was, as an expanded universe.  He’d bitch about the stupid ideas authors had inserted into the setting; the stupid technology; the stupid magic.  Occasionally, when we’d break character and talk during the game while I was looking something up, he’d talk about how stupid Star Wars was in the middle of the session.

Yet, when I confronted him and told him I didn’t appreciate it, he acted like I was being unreasonable and getting upset over nothing.

Was I being unreasonable?  If I’m telling stories for you and your friends in this setting, is it too much to expect that you don’t shit-talk the setting I’m running in?  At least during the session if nothing else?

Probably just me.


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August 25, 2023

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