Here I Go Again On My Own: Round Two

As a child I thought all I had to do was

  1. Graduate High School
  2. Go to college
  3. Meet someone
  4. Get Married
  5. Have a family
  6. Work
  7. Live happily ever after

I did all that by age of 23. It was a lot to carry and I didn’t know how to do these things that I wanted and had. Not knowing  how to deal with them, I destroyed them. And blamed it on alcohol. In Alcoholics Anonymous I’ve learned that alcohol is not in fact the problem. I am not the problem. It was all me. But nothing is really up to me, because God is in charge of it all?

I’m once again in the same spot I was in 7 ago. I have done nothing.

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February 21, 2021

Hey! You made a diary! I’m so glad you did! All I can say is that God certainly isn’t the problem, but god, or whatever universal spiritual power that may be, could have had a plan for you. Either way, I think it’s carefully from trauma. And though the trauma isn’t our fault, it’s our responsibility to heal from it.