You never know

This is my fourth attempt at writing on here today. I keep getting interrupted. Now I have a few minutes and I don’t remember what I wanted to write about….

Today went by fast. I was awoken by my friend and roommate, housemate, Dan. I was rushed out of bed to go and help some guy from AA move. It’s a thing in AA. You get free moving service. Hiring movers is quite expensive, I remember from back when I had money and could move and by seeing the bill and ordering around the hired help from the moving company my parents had hired.

This morning tho, I was volunteered for free labor by my sponsor and sponsee brothers. I was a tad irate after having been rushed into the cold to work for someone else for free. I was not a happy camper. This is normal, they tell me. I’m right where I’m supposed to be. Makes sence, having given my life over to God. He’s in control. I just show up and react to the opportunity.


I was thankful tho after it was all said and done. I got to hang out with other guys who have ruined their lives and rebuilt them. The guy who picked us up works for the court system here in Vancouver. He just finished his probation.  See I can relate to these kind of people who have been down similar paths. For a long time I thought of myself as a loser because that’s all I was telling myself that I was.

i recently got a comment on a

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