So Im sitting at work and it’s frustrating because a lot of the transportation’s that are being requested are regular people. So I hate bugging them with basic information they already knew/know. So sometimes I won’t ask them for it but thats when I get screwed because then we wont have their information on file, we cant contact them with exact times/locations. And  most of them are older people who have no patience to repeat themselves and get irritated easily (I don’t blame them to an extent). Then I find myself explaining the same basic information they already have. So do I waste their time and explain I’m new, or just everything that is needed. A lot of times my co workers will be like oh thats so and so and its like okay do we have their information should I be giving them the spiel on what is expected, etc. And that is what gets at me. Its not the patients or even my co workers its my own head that gets me frustrated. And I know it will get easier. I know I will get it eventually but I’m just tired and frustrated at the moment and just want to pig out on a burrito and some fries. Of course crap I shouldn’t be eating at 8 when I finally get food. Although I do have a movie to watch tonight so I could stay up late and hopefully wont gain the million pounds by eating whatever I want. Then again I’m emotionally eating and I don’t need to do that. But it sounds bomb!


Tomorrow is errand day! Fun fun fun fun fun fun stuff. Still need to send out my Penpal her card. I need to find more penpals too. That’ll be a project for tomorrow. Anyone know of a place to find penpals besides jails? lol I wouldn’t mind jail penpals either. Would be really interesting. Wow I am really rambling at this point in time. Hopefully a driver comes back so I can ask them how their day/trip was. I need to clean the desk too. But I don’t want to clean it if I’m still going to be using it for another hour. See how my mind works. One day I will go back and read this email and wonder what kind of drugs I do. Seriously this is so random but I honestly feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. And honestly I have nothing to complain about other then not enough work. Thats another task for tomorrow. I really wish my Sunday job would have happened but I cant work for free (basically!). Need to check on new phone plans too. Oh tomorrow will you never come please!?! Almost like the rain rain go away come again another day (yes I literally sang that out in my head). Alright off to clean or shut something down.

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April 17, 2018

Sounds like the mode I get in sometimes where I think “I’m ready for today to be over. Bring on tomorrow please so I can start fresh.”

April 18, 2018

Who doesn’t want to pig out on a burrito