My Backstory

Earlier this evening while scrolling on Facebook, I remembered a time when I had diaries, public and private, on Open Diary. I decided I would google it for nostalgic reasons. Much to my surprise, I found it had relaunched. I came here right away. I was even happier when I saw the button “Reclaim Diary” because I thought all was lost back in 2014. I hadn’t saved my entries offline and visited after OD shut down. Knowing my diaries were lost, all I could do was cry. Now, I am hoping my old diaries will be found. Time seems to pass by so quickly. The last time I remember actively writing in my diaries was back in 2009. I think I did make some entries after that year. I created a Facebook in 2008 and it was taking my attention away from OD. Finally, I stopped blogging altogether in exchange for Fb posts. I can say I’m elated to be here again. 😀

My Backstory: Jobs-School-Health

In June 2009, I was trained for a call center job. I worked there five months before quitting because they wanted me to train for a different department. It crushed me because I really liked my job.  I tried going back twice in 2010 agreeing to train for other departments. This didn’t work out. I just wanted my old job back and kept asking to switch. I finally gave up. I went back to school in 2011 for a Visual Communications program. I studied to be a Graphic Designer and Photographer. I began doing freelance photography work in 2012. I finished my program in 2014. Soon after, I began working a job out of my career scope because it paid well. My intention was to work this job during the day and work on my personal business after getting home. Working the day job resulted in being too busy and too tired to fully concentrate on building my business in the evenings. Still, money was a priority.  I worked for 7 months before I began experiencing excruciating pain in my left shoulder. I thought I had pulled a muscle. The job required me to lift heavy boxes full of documents. I worked until I could not stand the pain anymore then I quit. I got a job in another call center which was a joke but the pain was less. The training they provided was not thorough and not completed by the trainer. Then I was put on the phone and had to wing it. I left after two weeks when I realized I wasn’t going to have floor support and I wasn’t getting the money they promised. I was hired at another call center that seemed more promising. After I was there for a week, I found a job in my career field.  I left the call center to work as a graphic designer for a print shop. I worked there for three weeks before my boss let me go and for reasons that were not my fault. His rush period was over, his printer died, and he had to cut expenses. His excuse to me were errors I hadn’t made and that I didn’t know how to use Photoshop. All of it was untrue. I left angry and feeling like a failure even though it wasn’t my fault. I sank into a deep depression and I haven’t worked an outside job since. Fortunately, my ex-husband has been supporting me and my daughter. I’ve had some freelance work but not much. Also, my health has been failing in many ways since my last job ended. I have been seeing doctors several times a month. I have quite a few ailments but won’t spend time on that right now. And I’m just now “slowly” rebuilding my business. My shoulder pain is gone now after two years. My condition was something called “frozen shoulder” caused by diabetes which is another condition I have.

And while I know this is a place to vent, I’d like to be more positive than negative here.  I will say my health has improved in some areas and has worsened in others. It seems that every day for the last two years has been a struggle for me. I am doing everything in my power to restore myself. I believe it is possible. I am seeking support here and maybe some insight for different aspects of my life and also to offer my support to others. Again, I am so thrilled to be back on OD. 😍

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August 15, 2019

Welcome back!

August 21, 2019

@queenofegypt Thank you! I was looking for a “like” button. Too much Facebook. lol

August 15, 2019

Welcome back to OD. I’m sorry about all the health issues, hopefully those can all get sorted out. I was training for graphic design but I started to doubt myself, so I gave up. I hope you’re doing better with the depression you experienced.

August 22, 2019

@heffay Thank you! I didn’t give up and finished my program. I’ve taken a break due to health issues though. Just in a few short years, the design world has advanced a lot. I can’t believe how much. It intimidates me a bit. Feeling pretty darn good! 🙂

September 3, 2019

I am glad you are back…welcome….