I love reading, writing, art, music, photography, hiking, nature, animals, homeschooling, & homesteading.

I am completely diverse with several skills, talents, hobbies, and musical preferences. I enjoy humor, great conversation, and thinking deeply on many subjects.

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Good News=Good Day

August 22, 2019
All of us like to hear good news so I'll write about a couple of good things that happened to me today. First, I received an unexpected check in the mail. (This sounds like the Law of Attraction and maybe it is.) It came from my GAP car insurance. I wrecked my car back in…
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  • My Backstory
    August 15, 2019
    Earlier this evening while scrolling on Facebook, I remembered a time when I had diaries, public and private, on Open Diary. I decided I would google it for nostalgic reasons. Much to my surprise, I found it had relaunched. I came here right away. I was even happier when I saw the button "Reclaim...
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