Quote comp – Q8 answer and Q9

Last weeks quote was:
When you feel so tired but you can’t sleep, stuck in reverse

I’ll admit that I thought that this would prove quite dificult. Hmmm. Don’t think I’ll be having that thought again.

First answer came from regular participant and resident clever bloke Peter_24601:
This was a tough one, I knew it but couldn’t put my finger on it. Then it came to me when I was watching Rockstar Superova last night… it’s a lyric from Cold Play’s ‘Fix You’

Next up was Oribeth:
How did I miss the entry for the Serenity quote? Bad Ori! *slaps head*

As for this one: Coldplay – “Fix You”.

Third was Rodge:
Thats coldplay – fix you, a most depressing song if ever there was one, but synicism tells me that it is probably much easier to write depressing music than stuff that makes folk happy.

After him was Zaphod:
Isn’t that Coldplay’s Fix You?

And last, but by no means least, was Corbeau:
Fix You – Coldplay

That song has the honor of being the worst cover ever done in the history of covers. On Rockstar: Supernova the other night the winner performed it. IT’s a shame I tell you. A crying Shame. He should have been shot for butchering that song.

I know. I’m babbling. Forgive me. 🙂

Well done to the lot of you. It is indeed from Fix You by Coldplay.

This weeks quote:
“Being in love was like China: you knew it was there, and no doubt it was very interesting, and some people went there, but I never would…”

You have a week.


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