Last night, I drank lager, watched Blackadder Goes Forth, some MST3K and The Good Place then crashed.

Today, I went into town and in half the time I was out yesterday got everything I was after.  Well, almost.  I didn’t get the MST3K comic (though I wasn’t expecting to) and the shoes because I forgotted to go back and get them.

Of course I got the book I couldn’t remember the name of yesterday.  Why wouldn’t I?  I also treated myself to two Twin Peaks bars.

I’ve got sweet and sour chicken going in the slow cooker, I’m getting fully up to date with The Good Place, there’s a new documentary about Orson Welles on Netflix I’m planning to watch later and I’ve no plans for tomorrow than to just chill.

I am officially ungrumped.

Makes me smile: this duck!


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November 2, 2018

I like the colors of the duck…..and glad you got some of the things you wanted……