Jan 11th – Do you ever listen to talk radio or podcasts? If you do, what are some of your favorite shows?

I listen to podcasts on my iPhone bc there is a convenient app there, I like true crime podcasts, like Lucy Worsley’s Lady Killers and stuff on Jack the Ripper. Sometimes I will listen to comedy shows on there too… but usually it’s the dark and ooky that interest me. Heh. I also listen sometimes to talk radio… if it don’t bore me to tears y’know?? I like listening to the Jays games that are on the radio too. Esp. when my Yankees play. <3

Zombification levels are really high today. Even with a cuppa. I need to slap myself awake or something… I might ask for $15 and go down to Pik Kwik and buy a couple of 1 litre bottles of Diet Pepsi… if I can’t wake up on my own.

I meet my new worker Victoria sometime this or next week… can’t wait for that. 


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January 11, 2023

I used to listen to podcasts while at work. But I have a job that requires a high level of concentration and details so too many words/conversations in podcasts distract me.

I listened to motivational podcasts that brings self awareness and inspires you to fix or look at your life to aspire to be a better person

January 11, 2023

@ladiwan Nice! I love listening to scary creepypastas too. 🙂

January 11, 2023

I’ve done “Hot dog is a sandwich” and “Minnie Questions with Minnie Driver”

I don’t listen to often – usually have so much chaos in my head to sort out. LOL