Switched… but I can still play the Sims :-)

I switched to Lubuntu bc everyone tells me that Win11 is unstable as hell and Win10 is nearing it’s death… very soon. 2025. Until they make a better stabler Windows, I’m sticking with Lubuntu. That is my desktop right there.. it is similar to my Win11 one…

I’m drinking lemon herb tea… it is great. My mother gave me it. 🙂 She gave me a few sachets. <3 I’m going to just relax after this. I’m going to play Style Savvy or maybe one of the Pokemon games… there is a lot to choose from. X&Y, OR/AS, Sun and Moon, and Ultra Sun and Moon, B&W, B&W2, D/P/Platinum… yeah. 🙂 Yey!!!

If Windows 10 d/ls I can use Boxes safely. 🙂

Anyways… what’s up with y’all? Love every one of you.


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