Elvis would be 88 today…


My Elvis impersonator friend who is incidentally also a priest. He goes by Elvis Priestley… but his real name is Dorian Baxter… he was up at 1a doing a live feed bc he couldn’t sleep lol… his phone went off in the middle of it — his ringtone is Jailhouse Rock lmao…. but yeah.. today is Elvis’s 88th if he was alive. 


Jan 8th – Do you plan ahead for your dinners?

We have a set menu plan yes. Usually Maman switches it up though. Like tomorrow she is doing a pasta bake. So… yeah.

Sorry it was so late bc I plum forgot. Arrgh…



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January 9, 2023

I don’t plan too far ahead.  I use to when all the kids still lived at home.

January 10, 2023

@happyathome Meal plans make things easier on the staff I reckon.