Theme of the Week 74 – What is the next thing you would like to learn?

Two things:

  1. Where is my phone?  I have a white plastic wireless wall phone.   I often have it on my kitchen table by my computer so I can deal with telemarketers without having to get up.  I usually make sure it is ‘hung up’ to recharge before I go to bed.  This morning it rang – it rings at the phone base and at the phone itself.   I could not find the phone.  It rang again and again I could not find the phone. ========  But guess what?  Jim in and said he’d taken it upstairs to answer an early morning call….   and… left it there!!  So now the phone is back on in its holding rack and all’s right with the world.   Lucky me.
  2.  I’d like to learn French.  Read French like they talk in France.   I’d also like to spend a couple years in various parts of France, reading newspapers, watching tv, drinking wine and coffee, looking at cathedrals and fine art, absorbing the experience of being French while I perfected my knowledge and practice of the language.  Granddaughter Katie is studying French – second year already – and I try to get her to talk to me (on the phone!!!!! coincidentally) in French.  And I read a really great book called *The Pleasing Hour* by Lily King about an American girl who after studying French in HS and college, does to Paris to polish her knowledge.  She and other girls with similar aims from around the world go to Paris to spend a school year with a family as a semi-servant, semi-student to acquire a very much desired Paris accent.   Her family is very French, very chic, very everything you might think you want.  They live on a houseboat on the Seine, they vacation in Spain.  The family becomes real.  The girl sleeps with the father of the kids, husband of the wife, and is discovered and is sent to finish out her year with the wife’s aunt in the provinces.   God it’s a good book.  It even manages to include a really good WWII German occupation story.  I sent it home with my daughterinlaw who promised to read it.  I’m not sure it was the right thing for Katie to read ——- but why not?  She’s almost old enough to get her driver’s license.



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April 24, 2020

I seem to always have my phone on the base except when hubby is using it and when he is done I put it back….

I would really like to learn more Sign Language

April 25, 2020

I think Katie is old enough to read about other peoples mistakes.  I haven’t seen your pictures of the farm in a while.  I always enjoy those pictures.

April 25, 2020

The grandkids (11 and 13) both attend French immersion school and consequently both speak fluently.  The school days are divided half in English and half in French.  Now they have to do their schooling via iPads and are apparently keeping up with it.

April 27, 2020

@trunorth That’s another benefit of being Canadian.   Here in the US even in ‘good’ schools, second languages always take at least second place.

May 20, 2021

I like to torment robocallers by waiting to find out which button to push, the putting the phone near the radio, frequently with classical music playing.