Went to the beach and picked up some saltwater taffy.  I picked out a small bag for myself and my spouse made up some bags.  He wanted chocolate, chocolate with peanut butter, and just peanut butter.  The colors were brown and white.  My bag looked like something from Willy Wonka – all the different colors, except peanut butter.  I keep forgetting that my choices are not anyone else’s.  I don’t care for peanut butter anything except cookies and PBJ sandwiches.  My husband said he wanted to pick out enough taffy to give away, so I let  him choose and didn’t pay much attention.  But when we got home and I looked at the taffy he wanted to give away, there were just his 3 favorite choices.  He may have said he wanted to get enough to share, but his sharing just meant giving away what he liked, which I guess is true for life in general.  Oh well.  We made up a bag for our daughter, but who wants just a couple of flavors.  Looks like I’ll get some taffy out of my bag to liven up the color and flavor scheme.  I didn’t get much taffy, but I don’t need a lot anyway.  Taffy should be fun to look at as well as fun to eat.

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