Jane is me myself & I

Me myself & I

Dear diary 

Before my breakdown. My life was good, I had been married 10 years, my husband is Tom. We have one child together, but I had three previous children that Tom took on as his own. We had a new car. Nice house. To top it off we managed a little holiday abroad every year. I was a strong person and I would never have let any person walk over my family, if anyone so much as looked at my family or friends I would of made sure that they wouldn’t do that again. So I was the person who sorted any problems out not Tom because he was not the person who could give a person a good punch or too. Yes I was a clever arrogant & very outspoken at times. Been good looking was a big plus for me not so much to the poor buggers I left with a broken heart haha. Someone once’s asked me why do I walk around thinking that I was better than the rest of the half wits that lived among myself. My reply was BECAUSE I CAN AND NOBODY DEAR TO CROSS ME. Although I could be a twat at times, I could also have some fun more fun for you if I happened too be drunk I just turned into a geek and I was really funny so I have been told . I am true to my word and hate lies. The Truth will always prevail. And that was me. So what does one do when you go to bed and you get up to find your family life blown inside out, if that’s not confusing enough further more you realise you have actually spent over a year in bed. I had been literally living a dream but my dreams were for from bliss I had been trapped inside my worst nightmare. My dream merge with my actual real life. Fact fictional who knows and right then all I did know was this wasn’t right I wasn’t right I made a appointment with my doctor. What I didn’t know was my nightmare had only just begun and this would be no dream, then went back to bed were I spent another few months.

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