My unwillingness to be a part of this nonsense…

I don’t know this Marina girl… and while I know Jo… I want to be Switzerland in this fight. Neutral, y’know?? 

So, tomorrow and Monday a storm front moves in. Lots of rain and high damaging winds with the possible chance of snow… Ontario gets a lot of this weird weather. Last week we had double digits weather and these days almost subzero… /sarcasm

I am so full of mac n cheese, call me Cheesehead… lol! Does anyone remember Chuck E. Cheese? I used to go there with my nephew… I was there with my niece Robin, and nephew Mathew, and bc I don’t look my age, they wouldn’t let me go. Stupid idiots said I was a kid, when I was like 20 or so… but my foster sister came to my aid… thankfully!

I’m going to get my Switch next month; a pink one. 🙂 I can finally trade with Julz …. she has a grey one. 😀 She is fond of catching a zillion of ratattas… and weedles. 😂🤣 Once I get my switch, I will teach her how to play.



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November 14, 2020

Both are good people. So saying neutral is vest

@kaliko I hope you are right. Marina was slinging some serious mud at Jo. 🙁

November 14, 2020

I remember Chuck e cheese, the mascots seem a little creepy now lol

We were poor so I just remember one trip there & we had been so brainwashed by the commercials, and when we finally went it felt surreal and magical lol

@cherrywine_1 I agree. The puppets (?) or whatever were freaky.

November 15, 2020

I love Chuck E. Cheese.  I used to go in the 80’s when it was new, and catered to teens as well as little kids.  My husband introduced me to them when we were teens and first started dating.  We would go to play video games.  Nice memories… 🙂

@catholicchristian I loved the pizza and my nephew would always want me to chase him through the tubes … I was smaller then, LOL!!! It was fun!

November 15, 2020

@zombieinfusedtea I liked the pizza too!  And your memories sound nice, too!

@catholicchristian Mathew loved being with me at CEC. He always kicked my arse at the games but idgaf I loved being with him. 🙂 <3 I miss him. 🙁

December 17, 2020

Hope you like your new Switch.