The Friday 5

  1. When did you last gloss something over?
  2. When were you most recently out to lunch?
  3. What are some hais you wear?
  4. When were you ever head over heels?
  5. When did you recently give it the old college try?

My answers:

  1. I glossed over the fact that I need to curb my drinking at night to Wen.
  2. I was today. I think today I was for the most part out to lunch unless you mean figuratively? Last weekend.
  3. I wear a great great aunt proudly, and I wore a mama hat for most of my nephew’s life. I wear a sister hat, and I wear a bestie hat too/
  4. Back when I was in my twenties… my ex fiance Greg. <3 I miss him lots and always wonder what he is doing.
  5. I gave my computer and Bees’ the old college try. Success!!!

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