I feel frustrated

I don’t know why I hit the Open Diary cancel membership button without thinking. Perhaps, I software test as part of my job. I have to find ways to break things in order to build a better program so other end users don’t break it first. Well, I think I broke something. 

Heads up, if you click on the cancel membership button it will kick you out of membership mode and you will become a regular non-paying non-member and you won’t be able to post pictures anymore or read member only diaries. So what happens to your money? That is what I am waiting to find out. I emailed support (hosted by Zendesk) and I now have a ticket number 2297 and I asked a very open-ended question:


Apr 19, 17:38 ADT

I don’t know what I did – I opened an account, paid for a year membership, then clicked cancel membership, and now it looks like I only have 30 days left free. So what happens to my 39.99? Do you keep it, do I get it back? Am I still a member for the year without renewal??

Since then, Paypal notified me that I canceled my AUTO PAYMENT and I am still charged the 39.99. It even says I paid:

Past Invoices




April 16, 2018





Support Support (Open Diary)

Apr 19, 21:38 ADT

Were you intending to cancel your subscription? If you wanted to cancel and receive a refund, we can take care of that.

I don’t want to cancel my membership I just clicked a button to see what would happen. So I responded: “Yes please, thank you.”

Then I thought about it – I don’t REALLY want to cancel my membership. I decided when I get refunded I would just pay for another year. Then I thought it would be easier to continue my membership without repaying if that was an option but I would have to have my account reinstated so I can upload images again. So I sent another email response again saying: “Actually – no – please let me know what is going on because I would like to keep my account.”


For @silversatan :
I was wrong, it’s called a “toggle switch” and it looks like the picture below only its one button it turns from grey to green and doesn’t say anything like on or off

Every time I see the “I am not a ROBOT” ReCaptcha check box I want to hashtag #RobotLivesMatter (No discrimination)

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April 20, 2018

So I guess if this was my website business I would find a way for people who cancel their membership to not get kicked out into free 30-day mode, just turn off their auto pay and continue being a member? Or offer a 30-day money back guarantee or something and refund your money immediately? AT LEAST don’t keep people waiting in limbo!

April 20, 2018

LOL hahahaha <3 I am the same way. I just had a bungle on the site myself. hahaha
The support team seems really good though. I felt like a total idiot. But I did find a glitch in the process which reminds me… I wonder if it’s fixed now o.O  The temptation to check is…..

LOL anyway I hope it gets sorted I’m sure it will.

April 20, 2018

@silversatan I am glad I am not the only one =) Now I want to go poke around more places… a captcha switch wouldn’t be a bad idea to stop the damn spammers.

April 20, 2018

@13spirit Oh god don’t suggest that! lol
My eyes are so damn bad I can barely log on and post anything as is!!! LOL

April 20, 2018

@silversatan captcha switches are big and easy and worth it if it means not waking up in the morning to see a bunch of junk spam all over the site like the past 3 days. I have only found one somewhere and I actually liked it. I’m not talking about those stupid scrambled looking word captchas. Those things suck. I have 20/20 and I can’t read them half the time. I will post a picture at the bottom of this post to show you… brb

April 20, 2018

@13spirit LOL I’ve never seen one of those 🙂
Well the first, the robot thing I see all the time.. and will probably be thinking robot lives matter now…

April 20, 2018

@silversatan hahaha!! 😂

April 20, 2018

Sorry about that – we saw your entry and just took another look, because figuring it out from the payment system side was just not working out. It seems that what you did (which we will test to reproduce) cancelled the auto-renew (which is correct) but changed you to 30-day Free (which is probably not).

We’ve added a one-year subscription back to your account, which is what you paid for – but you will need to remember to renew it when the year is up. Thanks!

April 20, 2018

@opendiaryhelp Absolutely!! Thank you sooo much. I won’t forget. Sorry for testing your site. Hopefully, it helps in the future with other customers. I appreciate it!!! AWESOME RESPONSE TIME TOO BY THE WAY!! Another reason why I can’t leave. =)

April 20, 2018

So what you’re saying is “never go near the button”

April 20, 2018

@iamwilliam I am saying – press the button at your own risk. It puts you in a weird place.

April 21, 2018

@13spirit Right! Never go near the button!

April 21, 2018

@iamwilliam While you are at it… “Stay away from the light.” lol