Okay, yes, the cheater is totally wrong.  Cheating is a despicable, repulsive, selfish and deplorable act.  Especially if the cheater is in a relationship with someone he leads his to believe is serious, true and meant to be.

What about the other person?  The “mistress” … the person who actively participates in this deceitful farce, for years. What kind of a person can do that?  I’ll tell you, a piece of human garbage.  Just complete and utter human trash.  A person of the lowest quality.  A person with no morals.  A person with no aspirations.  A person with no intelligence.  A complete and total piece of human garbage.

So then, in this realm of deceit, how is the person who is the “cheated” supposed to feel about themselves?  To have been led on a long journey, a journey of deceit, a journey of lies, a journey of betrayal.  And for what?  For a piece of pure human garbage.

How is that supposed to help the cheated gain back their self-confidence?  To know they were betrayed for a piece of complete and total shit.

The cheated wants to believe in the good.  The cheated has lived her life as a dreamer, an optimist, a lover, a joker, and a friend.  The cheated has been through enough.  The cheated is not optimistic anymore.

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September 6, 2020

I have little use for cheaters

September 9, 2020

@kaliko Me too!  They are assholes.

September 7, 2020

I was cheated on. My husband left me for her… I’m sorry.

September 9, 2020

@soldis I’m sorry, that is awful!  His loss!